“Our present joys are sweeter for past pain;
To Love and Heaven by suffering we attain.”
– George Granville, The British Enchanters
Act V, scene 2

God, you are awesome!
I will always remember your Power and Might
You are worthy of praise because you are holy.
You are holy and just, yet you are gracious
Because you have heard me.
Thank you.

I now have the strength I need to yield all to you.
You have given me the boldness I need
As well as the opportunities to be bold for you.

You have heard my cries and came running
Like a father to his newborn son.

I can never repay you for your gracious love
Yet I will strive my hardest to try.
Your name will be praised everywhere I go
Whether eating dinner with my family,
In the congregation of believers,
Or even down the halls of my school.

Everyone who sees me will know that I am different
And that doesn’t scare me like it used to.
When they ask why, my answer is simple:
I am different because the God of the universe
Cares about me.

Everything I do, I will do to your glory
Everywhere I go, I will spread the good news about you
My life will be a life of worship to you
Because you are the God of the oppressed,
The outcast, the misfits, the ugly, and the underrated
Yet you are Lord of the wealthy,
The fortunate, the blessed. and the successful

You have answered my prayers
And have done incredibly more
Than all I could have asked or imagined.

Thank you for your power
Thank you for your comfort
Thank you for your love

Thank you for being God.