So the question then is, what should we do? I must say, that I do not know. We have become so far removed from the setting of the first century worship assembly that it would be nearly impossible to take the meal as they did week after week. Instead of smaller groups of believers meeting in each others homes to share a meal, including the Lord’s Supper at the end, we have thousand-member congregations sitting in pews, staring at the floor or at the back of their sister’s head.

I’m not suggesting to completely rid ourselves of these “mega-church” type settings. I find it very encouraging to worship in one place at one time with hundreds or thousands of fellow believers. However, this type of setting is not easily conducive to the spirit of the Lord’s Supper. So what can be done?

Here are a few suggestions that others and I have brainstormed:

  • While the communion trays are passed, instead of sitting silently by yourself, have everyone in the congregation turn to their neighbors (2 or 3 friends/family members) and remember Christ together. Share stories about how the resurrection of Christ has changed your life. Reminisce about times that God has shown his love to you. Laugh, have fun, get excited because you are a part of the greatest story of redemption the world has ever known!
  • Or maybe we should periodically have fellowship meals following the service, in potluck style like they were obviously doing in Corinth. At the end of the meal, before anybody leaves, we could break bread and pass the cup in remembrance and thanksgiving.
  • Or, should we not do communion at all during the morning service and wait until Sunday night when we could meet as families in each other’s homes to have food, fellowship, and communion in a more intimate setting. (We would make arrangements on Sunday morning for those unable to attend a Sunday night small group)

Let me know what you think, and if you have other suggestions based off the discussion then please let me know.


  1. i like the idea of incorporating communion into fellowship meals (aka potlucks) on occasion. i\’ve never done it but i imagine it would be quite an experience. so many things in the new testament are left to us to figure out how to do them whereas in the old testament the rituals were spelled out in great detail.ritual without remembrance is part of a dead faith. we often get too caught up in the form of the ritual and forget the\’s something we must continually fight as satan doesn\’t have to get us to curse God, just to be complacent with our situation

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