This is going to be one of my more personal posts which I have written thus far.

I must say that I am slightly nervous about going back home from college when I finish up with my two-week course next Friday.

I’m not nervous because of my wedding that will be coming up two weeks after I get home. I’m extremely excited about that. It’s going to be amazing.

What I am nervous about is the church situation back home. I have been observing things from 300 miles away, only getting bits and pieces of what’s going on in Columbia. And from what I have seen and heard, especially of what has happened over the past few months, faithful Christians, whom I have come to respect greatly, have not been acting very Christ-like toward fellow believers. They believe they they are more right, or more correct in their interpretation of the Bible than other Christians – and they very likely are. But the situation has gotten out of hand.

It appears that instead of going to a brother one on one like we are commanded to (Mt 18:15), and teaching the truth in love (Eph 4:15), they have resorted to posting comments on blogs and publishing misleading information in church bulletins for all their congregation to read. They are most likely correct in their stance on scripture, but they have been using that knowledge in a very non-Christ-like manner (in my opinion). A slight few (one or two, mostly the more immature of the ones) have even posted comments that were downright judgmental, condemning, and borderline hateful. They seemed to add a pinch of pride and self-righteousness to their comments (which I know is condemned more than “not being baptized”).

Now I feel like I am stooping to their level. I am just very upset and disappointed, which is why I am nervous about going home. I just don’t want this summer to be full of controversy and cynicism.

I guess the real reason I am writing this is that I ask everyone who reads this to pray for me. Pray that I may be calm and composed when I go back home. Pray that I may do what God would ask of me in handling this situation, and that in whatever he may lead me to do, I do it with love, patience, sincerity, and humility. Pray also that I have the strength to stand firm in what I believe and that I may not be tossed and pulled in all sorts of directions, nor will I be forced to pick a “side”.

Thank you. Your prayers and suggestions are highly appreciated.


  1. I’ll be praying for you! I’m torn between my beliefs and my family. It’s a difficult walk. My Christian life means nothing to them because of the name of the door of my church. Their approach to sharing the gospel is less than loving, but not to the degree that you are dealing with. I don’t have a general dislike for those in the CoC. I have to remind myself of that because of the few who speak the loudest. But, there are those at every church, honestly. Your words have clearly been in love, so keep it up. Love will win!

  2. You’ll do fine.I’m just jaded because I’ve already fought this battle. It sucks man because we shouldn’t be fighting between ourselves, but they see me as one to either “jerk a knot in my tail” or to convert me; and I’m not even from that area, I just like talking about God and what He has done, and what He still does.Take care, don’t stop posting.

  3. My Grandmother always told me….“When you say ‘I do’ you’ve said a mouthful!”My recommendation on marriage.. just learn how to say “yes honey.” Everything else will fall into place.As far as the Columbia situation, don’t worry. All things work out for the best.

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