Mykonos Island: famous for its windmills, picturesque sunsets, whitewashed buildings, domed chapels, tourist shops, and store owners who give bad directions.

Mykonos may not be as well known as Santorini, but it is definitely as pretty and fun to walk around. This was our first stop on the cruise, Friday afternoon, and we were able to just get off the boat and explore the town for about 4 hours. Everyone was so relaxed and happy to be there.

We were sent on a wild goose chase trying to find the actual windmills due to bad directions given by a local shop owner. I think his exact instructions for us were, “Go straight, left, right, left.” We ended up walking up this huge hill for about a quarter mile further than we needed to go, but we finally got it figured out with the help of a French guy who was running past us.

But as you can see, the Island of Mykonos is absolutely beautiful. Just another testamony of the power of God and the artistic nature of mankind.