The next historical hot spot we visited was Vergina, the home and burial place of King Philip II of Macedon. If you remember your Western Civ., King Philip II was the guy that conquered all of Greece and united the Hellenes under one rule for the first time in their long history. After Philip was assassinated (in a theater no less), his young son, Alexander, took control and conquered the rest of the world, or at least the rest of the Persian Empire.

What’s cool about this site is that everything is underground. There are parts of the city, mainy burial chambers, that have been excavated and preserved by keeping them hidden under a huge mound of earth, just as they were discovered by the original archaeologists. Apparently they just came across a hill that looked like it wasn’t supposed to be there, and they started digging. Among the excavations, though, is a full fledged museum displaying beautiful artifacts – golden wreaths, decorative armor and weaponry, intricate ivory carvings, and so on. We weren’t aloud to take any pictures, though, so all I have are pictures of the outside.