I just finished an amazing book titled Under the Overpass. It is the story of two Christian college students who decide to drop out for a semester and live on the streets of 5 different US cities for 1 month each. The book is actually written by one of the two guys, and it simply chronicles their journey.

Life on the streets is rough, but most people, including myself, have no idea just how messed up life can get. As Christians, we are supposed to be the ones feeding the hungry and clothing the naked. We are supposed to be the ones meeting the needs of our fellow humans who are suffering from poverty, addictions, mental illnesses, whatever. It was an eye-opening book in the fact that they visited numerous churches and encountered many Christians, but the place where the homeless, poor, and hungry should be able to seek refuge was the very place that turned its back on them (for the most part).

I would suggest every Christian (especially ministers and leaders of any sort) to read this book. It has changed my outlook on the important things in life. It has given me ideas for my ministry as well as for when I get back to the states. There is so much more that we Christians could, and should, be doing. We shouldn’t have to rely on the government to do the same job that Christians are called to do. In fact, we shouldn’t even rely on our congregations to use the money we donate to give to the poor and benevolence programs – for the most part the money does not go towards those causes. We should take initiative on ourselves and help people in the name of Christ.

I pray that all Christians will take this to heart no matter what the outcome of the election might be.

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  1. I’m glad you liked it. It really does make you think about stuff in a different way.

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