So today at school, we had what Harding likes to call “C-Harmony”, a spin-off of eHarmony, where churches from all over the country send ministers, elders, and whomever else they want to in order to interview a flood of Harding students wanting youth ministry internships.

There were about 37 churches represented and over 200 interviewees from Harding. Each interview lasted 30 minutes – 2 rounds per hour from 1 to 5 pm. I interviewed with 4 congregations and have mixed feelings about all the interviews. A 30 minute interview is not nearly enough time in my opinion, but hopefully I made a good enough impression on the ministers in order to get some offers.

Pray for me that God will guide me to the congregation where he wants me and that my own will and desires don’t stand in the way of his.

PS: If any of you reading this know of any place that is looking for interns this summer, put in a good word for me…