I posted a couple weeks ago about Harding’s “C-Harmony” – aka Speed dating for internships.

I’m happy to announce, after much prayer and deliberation, that I will be the youth intern for the Central Church of Christ in Athens, Alabama. I know this is going to be a great opportunity for me to grow in my experience and understanding of ministry. I will definitely keep you all posted throughout the summer and even throughout the semester as I prepare for this.

We are also hope that it works out for Katelyn to work with one of the elders of Central who has his own counseling practice.

Please keep us and the Central church in your prayers.


  1. awesomei’m sure i’ll be making some trips to Huntsville during the summer so maybe we can hookup for dinner or somethingcongratulations

  2. I’m happy you found something. But I have to admit, I was hoping you’d be somewhere in TX or CO so we could stop in and see you. Oh well, at least we’ll see you next month.

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