After hearing this speech by Ron Paul, I think he is the type of leadership our country desperately needs in Washington. (Thanks to my friend Jon for pointing out this video for me)

The two lines that I found particularly convicting were:
“What if we wake up one morning and realize that the terrorist threat is a predictable effect of our meddling in the affairs of others..?”

“What if Christianity actually teaches peace…?”


On a different note, we found out some exciting news tonight. Katelyn is going to have the chance this summer to get her Field Experience for psychology at the Child Haven children’s home in Alabama. God has been working to get us to Alabama. This is the answer to many prayers. Please keep praying for us that this summer may be a chance for us to grow and to have an impact on others.


  1. First, I\’m so glad Katelyn found a job there for the summer. That is a burden lifted for sure.Second, Barry and I really like a lot of the things Ron Paul had to say during the primary and election year. We wished he had gotten more national support. We agree with many of his stances on different subjects. Keep researching…

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