As I get older I have stopped believing in “coincidences.” I truly believe that everything happens not just “for a reason” but because God knows we need them to happen. I am persuaded that the Spirit of God is alive and active in the lives of those who allow Him to be. This is what is promised to us by Jesus, Peter, and Paul…and I’ll take their word on it.

For instance, when I was signing up for interview spots last semester for the churches coming to interview prospective interns, I took a shot in the dark with Central church of Christ in Athens, Alabama. I knew I had family in Athens, but I had no idea which congregation they were a part of. Turns out they are indeed members of Central.

Then we needed to find out about some sort of counseling internship for Katelyn. Most psychology students have to work extremely hard to find a summer internship and then they end up filing papers or doing other grunt work. As it turns out, Katelyn got a job working with one of the elders’ wives who is a LPC at a children’s home. The job most students search long and hard for just fell into her lap, and she loves it.

Just this past week my parents found out that their good friends from way back in college are now working with the church in Murphy, NC. Turns out that they are the preacher & wife at the same small congregation to which we are taking a mission trip this Saturday.

It is truly a small world when the Spirit of God is working in it. God certainly does move and work in mysterious ways. We can’t understand it, but we can feel it and experience it. If you haven’t felt God move in your life, maybe you should start asking Him to. It’s amazing what will happen when you pray that prayer.

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