I heard about this on the news this morning. The Center for Disease Control is considering new and stronger efforts to suggest women have their male newborns circumcised. Studies have shown a significant decrease in spread of infectious diseases (HIV & other STDs) among circumcised heterosexual males. So much so that a circumcised male in Africa is HALF as likely to contract HIV than his uncircumcised neighbor. You can read the full story here.

There has never been any question that circumcision had some benefits, but until recently doctors had no idea just how much more sanitary and safe circumcision is than uncircumcision.

This just makes me think…God really knew what he was doing. Sure he commanded his people to circumcise all male babies. Yes, circumcision was God’s way of signifying his covenant with the children of Israel. It was a way of setting them apart from other nations. But I think the CDC is finally catching on to something God knew all along. The command to be circumcised could also have been God’s way of preventing these horrible infections from spreading throughout the nation.

This is not the first time that science has affirmed what God had commanded. It wasn’t until recent centuries that we discovered the dangers in eating meat with blood in it or from eating under-cooked pork. God commanded the Israelites at Sinai that they should not eat meat with blood in it, and pigs were one of the most “unclean” animals of them all.

Do you think God knew what he was doing? How’s that for evidence of divine inspiration?

And do you think God would ever say, “I told you so?”