This is the list of books I have read this summer so far in order from the bottom up. Jesus Manifesto was definitely my favorite. Fearless and The Christian Atheist were somewhat similar in scope and content, but both worth the read. Jesus Wants to Save Christians does a good job of capturing the Exodus themes throughout the Bible. And The Happiest Baby on the Block was an interesting read in preparation for our child on the way.

The only question is what to read next? I’m kinda thinking I need to read more Bible before reading more books about the Bible.

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  1. 2 books Kathryne and I have both read recently are \”Sacred Marriage\” by Gary Thomas and \”Raising a modern day Joseph\” by Larry Fowler. two good reads if you want either parenting or marriage info. Kathryne's also reading (or just read) \”Crazy Love\” by Francis Chan and we really like his stuff.

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