Right from the start of Genesis, we see that God is a creator, a craftsman. He made the earth with purpose and intentionality. Therefore, everything He creates has meaning and value.

Next, we see that God does not rule from afar. He enters the darkness and faces the chaos head on. Redemption is embedded in the very fabric of creation.

Now it’s time for a bit of a side note. If you were like me, you probably sang as a child some little song about the days of creation. “Day one, day one, God made light when there was none…”

But then something happened. As I grew older, I started learning more about the “science” behind “creation.” Apparently, sometime in the last hundred years or so, believing in a young earth and the literal 24 hour days of creation became a major tenant of the Christian faith. For some, at least.

I was taught that the 6 days of creation were exactly 144 hours. No more. No less. To suggest otherwise was borderline heresy. I was also taught that the earth was not any more than 6,000 years old, and science could prove it. Carbon dating and the fossil record just had to be wrong because they didn’t support what the Bible obviously claims to be fact.

Before you go grabbing your torches and pitchforks, let me just say that I truly believe the God absolutely has the power to create an entire universe in 144 hours. He very well could have created the earth to look older than it actually is, just as he created Adam and Eve as adults and not babies.

Here’s my word of caution: Genesis 1 is a poem.

Let me say it again so it sinks in. The opening chapter of the Bible is POETRY. It’s not historical narrative like the rest of Genesis. It’s not a section of the Law, like Leviticus. It’s poetry, like the Psalms.

I think it’s really cool how Rob Bell breaks down this poem in his video Everything is Spiritual.

Is my faith threatened by the theory of evolution? Nope. Do I feel the need to take up arms against proponents of the big bang? Not at all.

Here’s why: I look around and I see how much science has changed over the last thousand years. We went from thinking the earth was flat and the center of the universe to putting men on the moon. Every year, scientists and researchers are discovering new and better information than we previously had. Scientific “facts” are always changing and evolving. Things we took for granted 100 years ago have shifted and taken on new forms. How much more so in the next 100, 500, or 1000 years?

And yet Genesis 1 will always say, “Let there be light.”

God has given human beings the capacity to explore our world and the universe around us. If he made it all, then why would he be threatened by anything we discover or by any new theories we might develop along the way?

Genesis 1 is a poem, the true depth of which is far greater than 144 hours of creation or the young earth theory. It is a poem about power, community, empowerment, and love.


  1. The Bible tells us what and why. Science attempts to tell us what and how. The Bible doesn't get into the \”Hows\” and science can never hope to answer the \”Whys\”.Recently I've come to wonder what God did all day for each of the 6 days. He obviously spoke everything into existence and it took maybe 1 second to say it and for it to happen. That's 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds left for him to rest up. Oh and other second or two to look over it and see that it was good. So being well rested, I don't see why He needed to rest for a whole day on day 7. Couldn't we just have the 6 seconds of creation.My point being that I imagine that in whatever time period the actual creating part took place many things were going on that we are not privy to.Your point stated another way is that the Bible is not a scientific text book. God holds back the mysteries for us to try to discover and in doing so we get to search Him out and perhaps find Him.

  2. The sun is indeed bright, but it is not nearly so bright as my two sons. I actually know what God did for the rest of the first six days after the few seconds of creating and exclaiming, \”Good!\” He enjoyed. And he did need the 7th day…for relaxation and CELEBRATING! This is why He gave us imaginations.

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