Spring is just around the corner. As we get ready to lose an hour of sleep, adjust to bipolar weather patterns, and suffer through yet another round of sinus infections…..Here’s my top five things to do in the Spring!

Top Five Things to Do in the Spring!

Grilling out

Or for you Northern folk, “barbecue-ing”. Although any true Southerner can tell you that barbecue is something you eat, not something you do. But anyway….I absolutely love firing up the grill. In my opinion, a charcoal grill sprinkled with hickory chips is the best way to cook any piece of meat. Not to mention corn, potatoes, etc. If I had the time, money, and energy for it, I would light up the coals every night from April to September.

Opening up the windows

I love it when God sends us that weather where the temperature hits that magical 72 degree mark and the clouds take a hiatus. At that moment, the thermostat is set to “Off,” all the light fixtures are off, and our apartment is bathed in sunlight and fresh air.

Busting out the sandals

When the weather is warm, I would rather wear my Chacos than any other pair of shoes. There’s just something about the freedom from socks and laces that I love so very very much. Or for dressier occasions (church and whatnot), I will dawn my Greek sandals. Whatever the case, I try my hardest not to wear shoes during warm weather months. Sandals all the way.


Pretty much anything that gets me outside and working with my hands is an activity worth doing. I’m really enjoying working on the grounds crew at Harding. It’s getting time to see the fruits of all our labors during the winter as everything starts to bloom out and sprout up. There’s nothing better than stopping to smell the roses you took the time to prune just a couple months ago.


Going on a walk, a run, or a hike on a clear, warm Spring day relaxes me like just about nothing else. It gives me a chance to get my blood pumping and my mind thinking. Sometimes, I just clear my mind and take in the beauty in the world around me, whether on a mountain or in a neighborhood.