Plastic Bags

I know there is a big push to get rid of plastic grocery bags, and rightly so. They are a nuisance when they are allowed to be blown around freely by the wind. AND they inspired an annoying Katy Perry song…ugh.

So yes, when you can, I highly recommend switching over to the reusable bags.

The only problem is that we often forget about them until we are walking through the automatic doors. “Oh no! We forgot the bags…Oh well.”

So if you find yourself with a small mountain of plastic bags shoved inside other plastic bags all shoved in your pantry, here are some tips to reduce, reuse and recylce!

1. Encourage the bagger to fit a few more items per bag, and don’t get bags for some larger items (like milk jugs)

2. Use the bags as small trash can liners

3. Scoop up pet waste (i.e. litter box clumps) into plastic bags (Just make sure they don’t have holes in them)

4. Take your lunch to work or school in one – fashionable? Nope. Cheap? Totally

5. Use spare bags as packing material for breakable items

6. Once a month or so, take all leftover bags to your local grocer and find their recycle bin

If you like Target as much as I do, now the retail giant is taking further steps towards helping the environment by increasing the amount of recycled materials and reducing the overall amount of packaging. They even tell you specifically where their recycled products go. For instance, their recycled bags are converted into composite decking, which in turn reduces the number of downed trees. You can check out more at