That’s me. A perversion of nature. Well…at least that’s what I was.

Well…at least that’s what I thought I was.

And you were too! You can pretend like you weren’t, but you were. Or at least you thought you were. Because that’s what you’ve been told.

“You’re not good enough/ thin enough/ tall/pretty/athletic/spiritual/holy/rich/smart enough.”

“You are weird/ a freak/ a perversion of nature.”

“No body would ever want you. I mean, look at yourself. Of course you should be insecure about your body!”

“Buy this brand/ that car/ these pills/ those gadgets because your life is incomplete and meaningless without them.”

LIES! Every one of them. Nothing but lies. Yet we believe them! Every day we buy into the lies that we’re not good enough. Even in the church we begin to believe that we’re not holy enough/ faithful enough/ righteousness enough and that God could never love us just the way we are.

I had the privilege of seeing a short film call The Butterfly Circus. Andrew Baker showed this film on the last night of Uplift at Harding University.

Please, take 20 minutes to watch it. Then take another 20 minutes to show it to someone else who needs to know that they are loved/ they are good enough/ they are not a perversion of nature.

God sees so much more in us than we could ever imagine.

The Butterfly Circus – HD from The Butterfly Circus on Vimeo.