When YHWH led the nation of Israel out of Egypt, he went before them as a pillar of fire at night to light their way. When daylight came, he led them as a pillar of cloud (Exodus 13:21-22). He was their light in the darkness. At sunrise there was plenty of light for them to walk by. The fire blazed before them until the dawn

When Jesus came to this earth to lead all of humanity out of the bondage of sin, he came to show us life, true life, eternal life. “The life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has [neither] understood nor overcome it” (John 1:4-5). Jesus himself took on the roll of the fire pillar blazing in the darkness leading people until the dawn should come.

When salvation came to mankind, those who chose to follow the light of Jesus became lights themselves. Jesus’ followers are like a city on a hill or a lamp giving light to the dark room (Matthew 5:14-16). 

One of Jesus’ early followers, Paul, wrote to the Christians in Philippi that they shine like stars in the universe among all the darkness of this crooked and twisted generation (Philippians 2:15). The stars act as signposts for travelers and sailors traveling at night. But the stars are only visible until the dawn comes.

When this present world comes to an end and God brings all of his people to live with him in the new heaven and the new earth, darkness will once and for all be defeated. There will be no night, no darkness, no need for candles or fires or even a sun. God himself will be the light (Revelation 22:5). The dawn will come never to fade again into dusk.

Let your Fire burn until the Dawn comes.