I’m serious. Don’t read it.

I don’t want to be guilty of doing the very thing Jesus told his disciples not to do.

I don’t want to make the mistake of telling people that Jesus is the Christ. I think that would probably get me in trouble. Not with the government or friends or family, but with Jesus. He didn’t want his disciples to spread the word, so I’m not going to.

So stop reading this post.



Okay. Now that nobody is reading, here it goes.

I believe that Jesus, the Jewish teacher from Nazareth, is the Christ and that he is the Son of the Living God. I believe that Jesus is God in the flesh, the promised One who came to take away the sins of the world. I believe that Jesus lived a sinless and perfect life. I believe that he was killed on the cross anyway. I believe he was put there on that cross not by the Jews, not by the Romans, but by me. He came to save me, and I killed him.

I believe that if there is any hope for the world, it is Jesus. I believe that Jesus died not just for me but for the entire world. He bled out on the cross so that his blood could cover over our sins. And I believe that he rose from the dead three days later. And if Jesus was raised from the dead, I believe that I will also be raised with him.

People talk about Jesus like he was a good teacher, a moral example, a visionary, or even a peace-loving hippy. I don’t buy it. I believe that he either is who he says he is, or he is not. If he claimed to be God and he knew he really wasn’t, then he is a deceitful liar who doesn’t deserve a second thought. If he claimed to be God, believed he truly was, but in reality was just a normal guy, then he is certifiably insane. He belongs in an asylum, not venerated in church buildings. But if he truly is who he claims to be, then he is Lord. There is no way around it.

I believe he is Lord. I believe that he is reigning in heaven this very moment. I believe that his Spirit is at work within me and those who believe. And I believe that because of Jesus I have hope of an eternal home with him from this moment forward.



If you’re still reading this, I hope you figured out that I was being facetious. I also hope you see the irony in these statements.

Throughout Mark’s gospel account, Jesus keeps telling people not to tell anyone else about the things he has done. And do they listen?


But then Jesus plainly tells his followers to teach the good news to all creation…and what do we do?

We treat the gospel as if Jesus wanted us to keep it to ourselves. We hold it close, not wanting others to be put off or offended by what we believe and know to be true. Dare I say we seem ashamed of Jesus and his words (Mark 8:38)?

Just compare for a moment: Have you ever shared your faith with someone only to have them reject you? Have you ever intentionally suppressed your faith around someone, never even mentioning Jesus?

Which situation leaves you with more regrets?

We live in a country in which we have BOTH freedom of speech and freedom of religion. But, shh… don’t tell anybody about Jesus.