I’m weird.

There, I said it.

One of the things that makes me weird, even among Christians is what I listen to. When I’m running in the mornings, mowing the lawn or doing the dishes you will most often find me with my ear buds in my ears connected to the iPhone in my pocket. But I’m not listening to “secular” music. I’m not even listening to “Christian” music.

I’m listening to sermons.

Some people have their audio books. I have my sermon podcasts.

I have six churches, specifically Churches of Christ, to whose podcasts I subsccibe, and I listen to their sermons on a weekly basis. Some people can hardly suffer through one sermon a week РI enjoy listening to about 8 sermons throughout the week (including two from my own congregation of course).

These sermon podcasts have been incredibly helpful to me in my own spiritual development, especially as a young minister just starting out. I would like to pass these along to you if you are interested.

I hope you find these helpful. If you know of any other good ones, let me know!

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  1. I'll have to pick up the ones from Preston Rd and GA. I already listen to the others. Some Others i listen to in iTunes:Our church: southernhillscoc.org Kara's church: Taylor St. CoC Rochester Chruch of Christ (in Detroit, lacking in posts recently)Westover Hills CoC (largest CoC here in Austin)The Branch/Chris Seidman (in Dallas)Baker Heights CoC in AbileneUniversity CoC in Malibu associated with Pepperdine

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