This week in class we wrestled with questions about the nature of God. One of the most important questions every single person must answer for themselves is “What do I think about God?” In many ways this is the fundamental question of life, for from this one question and our answer to it springs all the other answers to all the other questions. It’s like old time sailors crossing the ocean with a compass. If their compass was off by just a few degrees, they could miss their port by hundreds of miles. If we are off just a bit in our understanding of who God is, we could end up on a path in life that takes us hundreds of miles from our intended destination. So let’s take seriously the task of seeking to know God as revealed in creation, in the Bible, in Jesus, and in the church.

Below you will find the audio recording from our class (discussion portions have been edited down). Then feel free to follow along with the presentation notes and several supplemental videos.


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