Last week (10/4) we discussed the fourth big worldview question: What’s the Solution? We can all agree that the world is full of problems. We can maybe even agree that there may be one or two main causes to all the other smaller, more specific problems in our lives, like sin, corruption, rebellion against God/the gods, etc.

But have you noticed that we can look at the same problem and come up with completely opposite solutions? And if we can’t even agree on a solution to a specific *lower case problem on our own, then what makes us think that we can even come close to solving The *upper case PROBLEM of sin and death on our own? We must look to something/someone outside of the Problem in order to find a solution. That’s where Jesus comes in.
Feel free to listen to the class audio – there’s a chunk that I cut out for the sake of time and flow – and follow along with the presentation notes & videos.