You can read the story of Jacob, Rachel, and Leah in Genesis 29-30.

1. Who do you most identify with in this story?

I feel that I identify most with Rachel, especially when she names Joseph. She finally gets what she wants – a son – but doesn’t even enjoy the moment. She immediately says, “May the Lord add to me another.” She’s seemingly never satisfied. And I can relate! I often find myself saying/thinking, “Ok, that was good, but it could have been better. What’s next?” I catch myself always wondering what’s ahead rather than enjoying God’s blessings in the moment.

2. Why is it so tempting to seek love and validation in our relationships rather than from God?

I think our sense of physical presence has a lot to do with it. Katelyn (my wife) is there. She is physically present. She can hold my hand, kiss me, talk to me. God almost never seems quite as present or tangible. I know Katelyn loves me based on her words and actions. I have to take God’s love based on faith. The flip side is that human love in general is changing or fleeting and rarely unconditional. God’s love is always freely given without any prerequisites.

3. Does it feel like something is missing in your relationships? Ask God to fill that void and to help you stop relying on others for fulfillment.

It seems like a lot of my relationships lack a sense of authenticity and openness. I don’t offer up personal information to people much. And the more highly people view me, the more highly I view myself – which is dangerous.

I know I’m not everything I could be yet, but help me overcome my drive and desire to be the best. I don’t want to rest on my own accomplishments any more. I want to be fulfilled and validated by you and you alone. God, may my life be lived to your glory, not mine. And may I be drawn into your love so deeply that your love spills over into all other relationships.
Thank you for your unfailing, unconditional love that is given through your Son, in whose name I pray.