You can read Joseph’s story in Genesis 37, 39-50.

1. In every situation, Joseph did his absolute best. Are you that kind of person? Why or why not?

I am definitely that kind of person. I always have felt the need or the drive to be my best. Not really better than others, but the best I can be. I’m always concerned about what I could do better, what could be improved, etc. And I find myself wanting to impress people – or at least give a good impression. I like to be known, respected, looked up to. I really try to be the best version of myself so that God may be glorified, but often that feels like justifying my own self-aggrandizement.

2. If you had the chance to sin/break the rules, and no one would find out, what would you do?

I hope that I’ve grown and matured enough to do the right thing even when no one is watching. I believe it’s a lie that no one would find out. That’s a lie perpetuated by the “father of lies.” I’m not sure anyone sins and expects to get caught. But would I do what Joseph did? I hope so. If the temptation were strong enough and the risk low enough…then I’m not sure what would happen. That’s why I echo the prayer, “Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.”

3. Looking at your life, how may God have been working behind the scenes even in really terrible situations?

I don’t think God ever caused certain things to happen, but I know for a fact that God was working in those times to forma and shape me into the man I am today. Every hardship, trial, and struggle is a catalyst for growth. I know God has used those hard times to help me grow in my faith, my love, my patience, and my understanding.

4. Write down the hardest challenge you are facing right now. Then write down “But the LORD is with me.”

I am struggling with my own self-confidence, wondering if I’m doing what I need to be doing and if this church/youth ministry is heading in the right direction… *BUT THE LORD IS WITH ME.*