You can read Moses’ story in Exodus 1-4.

1. Write down as many labels for yourself as you can. Which ones are most important to your self-identity?

Christian     Husband     Father     Youth Minister     Sci-fi Nerd     Book Worm     Science Enthusiast     Worship Leader     Coffee Snob     Whovian     Learner     Performer (3 on Enneagram)     Music Lover     Cat Person     Football Fan     US Citizen     Southerner     Son     Brother     Fixer     Planner/Organizer     Teacher     Wannabe Guitar Player     Pizza Lover     Thinker     Theologian     Disciple     Movie-Goer     Harding University Alumnus     Church of Christ member

2. Has God ever used “wilderness” times to shape you? How?

I can think of 3 times God used wilderness to shape me. 1) Right after high school when I stayed home for a semester while most of my other friends went off to college. God taught me the value of true friendship during that time. But I also learned to be less trusting and open with people. 2) After college when I couldn’t find a ministry job for a year. God taught me to trust him, to rely on his timing, and to work hard no matter what job I was doing. A little hard work goes a long way, especially for those of us who are used to breezing through life. 3) During the end of our time in Moline – far from home, very few close friends, a stagnating ministry with no growth in sight. If we hadn’t gone through that season, there’s no way we would have come here to Mitchell, nor would we appreciate our current situation like we do.

3. In what ways do you see God trying to use you? What “good deeds” might God have planned for you? Are you willing to answer the call or are you giving excuses?

I feel quite confident that God is calling us to become foster parents. We both have a passion and a heart for these children. We have a loving, safe home we could offer to these kids during their darkest times. BUT the timing just doesn’t seem right. God has always made his timing clear to us, and I think we are in a time of waiting and preparation. Or is that just an excuse because we don’t want to right now? I don’t know. But I do know that God will lead us into it when the time is right.